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Our Story

Who We Are


Artemis Alpacas are located on the premises of the family run Yew Tree Farm, in Halewood, Liverpool. We embarked on our adventure with a small herd of 5 pregnant girls in 2017. We are now a growing herd of 23 (15 girls and 8 boys), our love for these beautiful creatures has grown beyond belief.  We were lucky to find Yew Tree Farm 25 acres of farm land providing a serene setting for our alpaca home and to carry out our walks, only a short drive out of the city centre, it is an oasis of calm.

Since 2000, Yew Tree Farm has been cultivating and supporting wonderful local produce, from their own free range chicken eggs to organic honey.


The Coffee Barn cafe produces delicious homefare - an absolute must for any visitor to try.  The function suite  The Barn at Yew Tree Farm is an ideal venue for parties, weddings, corporate events and other special occasions - all of which the alpacas can help you enjoy.


Alpacas are inquisitive, intelligent & gentle animals who respond to human interaction.

We use gentle, positive training methods such as Camelid Dynamics and Tellington T-touch which uses compassion to connect and communicate with the alpacas.


 Our aim is to provide Alpaca assisted Therapy we believe  our alpacas are unique in their ability to provide emotional support and promote wellness in many situations. Watch this space -coming soon! 

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