Welcome to Artemis Alpacas Ltd


Welcome to Artemis Alpacas!

You will find us at Yew Tree Farm in Halewood, just a short journey out of the city centre. Yew Tree Farm is situated on 26 acres of farmland. Here you will find the Yew Tree Farm chickens who lay the freshest, yellowest eggs daily. Susie the loveliest donkey with the loudest Eeyore! who shares her field with the goats; Simon, Theodore and Alvin. 

We have different Alpaca experiences available take a closer look at the 'what we do' page - it will definitely take your mind off the current Covid clouds and bring a bit of sunshine in.


If you are planning your wedding at Yew Tree Farm we have specially selected alpacas who can be part of your wedding party - Fluffy guests on your pictures definitely a talking point for your guests!

Plan your next corporate event at The Barn at Yew Tree Farm - book the Alpacas an excellent opportunity for your team to de-stress and provide the optimum environment for team building and inspire ideas.

Not to be missed the amazing rustic café The Yew Tree Coffee Barn, providing mouth watering, delicious home cooked refreshments after your alpaca experience. 

What we have done to keep you safe during your experience:

  1. Bookings will be taken from only one group at a time; no multiple bookings from different groups for each walk during the pandemic. 

  2. Hand sanitiser use is mandatory on entering and leaving the field. 

  3. Outside toilet facilities are provided for hand washing.

  4. We have disposable gloves for handling walking leashes. 

  5. Our staff will maintain 2 metres social distancing.

  6. As we are outside, wearing a mask will be your personal choice. 

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Walks, feeding, cuddles, parties, hen dos, corporate events and more!

What We Offer


Walk our Alpacas


Interact with our affectionate Alpacas

Feed our Alpacas


Invite us to share your special day

Contact Us

Please email: artemisalpacas@gmail.com or text 07823335592

We are unable to answer calls as we are often in the field looking after the alpacas!  

We aim to respond within 48 hours.